WELCOME and thank you for visiting my Autoimmune Walk personal fundraising page!

I am excited to be supporting AARDA through the Autoimmune Walk.  I am one of more than 50 million Americans who suffer from autoimmune diseases.  I actually have 3!  Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism years ago - I never knew it was an autoimmune disease,  Same thing when I was diagnosed  with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  

Years later when I first lost feeling in, and then began suffering excruciating burning pain, in my hands and feet! I was diagnosed with CIDP. Chronic Inflammatory Demylineating Polyneuropathy! . If you think it is hard to say, it is harder to have (and oh so much harder to diagnose),  Basically, my own immune system is eating away at the myelin sheath that protects my nerves. I recently had a port implanted in my chest to make the twice monthly IVig treatments I get tolerable. This in the hopes of someday reversing this disease (or at least stopping its progression).

The Autoimmune Walk is one of AARDA's efforts to bring together families impacted by autoimmune disease to raise much-needed funding and awareness -- because together we can accomplish far more than any of us can on our own.  It is also a fun event.  I also am the NYC liaison for the GBS/CIDP Foundation. 

Years ago I asked you to support my run for the San Francisco and then the San Diego marathons.  This is different. This is personal.  AND I DON'T HAVE TO RUN!  No one knows why there are so many autoimmune disease now.  Research is needed if we ever want to stop this.

Please register to walk with me OR make a donation to help me reach my goal!

When we link together, we are stronger! When we link together, a cure is closer!

Funds raised: $150 of $1,000
20 percent raised


Thank you donors
Daniel Myers : $50
Dean Lance : $25