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A personal message from Barbara Ramm:

We HAVE to find a cure. And I am not willing to sit back and let others do the work. I may not operate at 100% anymore but I am willing to give what I've got to make it happen.  Here are some honest words that I wish everyone could hear: This is painful! Every day. And not just physically. It wreaks havoc on families and emotions. I belong to a number of closed rare disease and autoimmune forums and believe me when I say that autoimmune disease affects much more than cells and muscles and cartilage and whatever is under attack on any given day--ADs affect every aspect of life for the patient and for their families. 

For me? I've had to set aside some of the things I love most. No more sun because my immune system just sees it as another antagonist. I grew up on the Gulf Coast. This was very hard to accept until I spent just 30 minutes at the beach one afternoon and erupted into pain. Never been so miserable. No driving because of cognitive impairment. No walking alone due to a neuromuscular AD that affects balance and muscle strength. Taste buds are gone. Not sure what that is from. Meds? Maybe. All I know is that this southern gal who loved extra caliente salsa can't touch it anymore. And most food tastes like metal anyway. Except ice cream. And strawberry shortcake. There's a silver lining :)

Social life? Ha! I went from driving all over Los Angeles, a city I adore, to living behind the same walls most every day. It's tedious. It's a grind. And I have family that loves me and supports me and helps in infinite ways. My heart breaks for those that are dealing with this alone or for those who have family members who don't understand. 

I spent decades undiagnosed and I DO NOT want that to happen to anyone else. We have to raise awareness in the public ranks as well as the medical ranks!

I am excited to be supporting AARDA through the Autoimmune Walk.  More than 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases. That's 1 out of every 5 people in the United States!  The Autoimmune Walk is one of AARDA's efforts to bring together families impacted by autoimmune disease to raise much-needed funding and awareness -- because together we can accomplish far more than any of us can on our own.

Please register to walk with me OR make a donation to help me reach my goal!

When we link together, we are stronger! When we link together, a cure is closer!

Funds raised: $75 of $250
30 percent raised


Thank you donors
The Singers : $50
Wish we could be there to Walk the Walk...but know we will be there in spirit!