Nika's No Excuses Wakers

Thank you for visiting our Autoimmune Walk TEAM page!  Here you can see who is on the team and how much we have raised so far. You can even add your donation to the total or join us as a team member.

We are excited to be supporting AARDA through the Autoimmune Walk, because more than 50 million Americans are impacted by autoimmune disease and something must be done. We have linked together to make an impact, raise awareness and raise much-needed funds... Because when we link together, we are stronger. When we link together, a cure is closer.

Please register to walk with our team OR make a pledge to one of our teammates and help us reach our goal!

Funds raised: $3,915 of $1,000
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
Andrew Savas : $100
Nika, we are all so proud of all your hard work and dedication!
Peter Van Schaick : $50
Sandra Bookman : $250
It's my privilege to be part of any fight with NIKA -- the strongest,kindest most committed person I know.
Jakai Green
Go Team Nika!
Alexander Kenyon : $150
When it comes to facing health challenges with grace and style and good cheer, Nika is the most courageous person I have ever met. Sandy
Jay Alpert
You're an inspiration, Nika!
Joe Rupolo
Lucy Yang : $100
Go Nika! You're my inspiration
Shirleen Allicot : $100
You are amazing. Keep striving, keep fighting and I'll keep rooting for you.
Andrea Berry
Go NIka!
David evans : $100
Go nika go!!
Rachel Charlesworth : $200
Nika you are a wonderful person. I love you and your spirit and dedication and generosity so much. Big hug. ??Michelle
David Novarro
You are amazing. I am inspired by how you have championed this cause
Cara Stein : $25
Go team Nika!!!
Yalta Gilmore-Reed : $50
Disney Matching Gift : $40
Charles Patterson
Nika, you are a true inspiration. Your friendship has enriched my life, one of my many blessings. Give'em hell, my friend.
Elton Portet : $50
Michael Reed : $50
Michael Reed : $100
Anonymous : $25
Ilene Rosen : $50
Go out and get 'em! You are one of my heroes!
Jacquelyn Drayton
Nika, I'll be with you in spirit. You are an amazing woman, an inspiration and a blessing! you remain in my thoughts and prayers.
Kemberly Richardson
You amaze me each day with your strength and determination . Love you lots Kemberly
Tonya Gary : $40
Nika, I wish you all the best. Your courage and strength are definitely to be admired.
Andree Jackson : $75
Wish you the best Nika, my thoughts are with you. You are quite an inspiration??
Bryan Lenocker
The Moragne family loves you.
bill ritter : $100
Melissa Maguire : $20
donald dodson : $25
Go Nika!!
Walter Dawless : $25
Jennifer Birkenhead
Good luck, Nika!! You are strong, you are brave, you are beautiful - inside and out. <3 <3 <3 Lots of love!
Saundra Thomas : $50
Love me some Nika. Behind you every step of the way.
Erin Donovan
Good Luck, Nika! :)
Russ Levinton : $25
Go Nika go!!!
Ashley LoFaso : $30
Bella DePaulo
You are awesome, Nika!
Anonymous : $200
Go Nika!!
Joseph Terach
Great work, Nika!
Lila Rosenweig : $50
Fortunato Fred Chieco
Denise Royal
Walking with you in spirit!
Helen Lopez
You are an inspiration, Nika!
Russ Levinton : $50
lauren glassberg
Tara Johnson
Go Nika! I'm so proud of you.
John Washington
Gina Mari : $25
Cheryl Meaney : $75
Esperanza Martinez : $50
You continue to inspire me.
Kenneth Rosato : $100
Nika is the best! I totally support her!!
Donald Dodson : $25