Team Autoimmune Awareness & Education Forum

Thank you for visiting our Autoimmune Awareness & Education Walk TEAM page!  Here you can see who is on the team and how much we have raised so far for all of us who suffer from autoimmune related diseases.  You can even add your donation to the total or join us as a team member.

We are excited to be supporting AARDA through the Autoimmune Walk, because more than 50 million Americans are impacted by autoimmune disease and something must be done. We have linked together to make an impact, raise awareness and raise much-needed funds... Because when we link together, we are stronger. When we link together, a cure is closer.

Please register to walk with our team OR make a pledge to one of our teammates and help us reach our goal! 

Please won't you please help Team Autoimmune Awareness & Education Forum and help fight autoimmune diseases. 

Thank you so much!!!

Funds raised: $225 of $500
50 percent raised



Thank you donors
Cynthia Shahly : $50
Michelle G
Hoping you make your goal. Kimberly thanks for everything you do for us.
Paul and Pam Antior : $25
Good luck to the team and thank you for all you do.
Kathy DiCenzo : $50
Kimberly, thanks for all you do to help those of us with auto-immune issues!
Celeste Brenz : $30
I have MS. Donating to Kimberly Radomski's Team
Kimberly Beauchemin/Radomski : $50
I have more than one disease category. I suffer from MS, Lupus, ITP, Psoriasis, Sarcoidosis, and Sjogren's. We need to put an end to autoimmune diseases now!