Thank you for visiting our Autoimmune Walk TEAM page!  Here you can see who is on the team and how much we have raised so far. You can even add your donation to the total or join us as a team member.

We are excited to be supporting AARDA through the Autoimmune Walk, because more than 50 million Americans are impacted by autoimmune disease and something must be done. We have linked together to make an impact, raise awareness and raise much-needed funds... Because when we link together, we are stronger. When we link together, a cure is closer.

Please register to walk with our team OR make a pledge to one of our teammates and help us reach our goal!

Funds raised: $3,410 of $500
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
Scott Whitehead : $50
Sarah Ortiz : $35
Madison McLaughlin : $50
Corey McGuire : $35
Miranda` Cosgrove : $70
Justin Castor : $35
Richard Brancatisano : $35
Alex Gintrac : $35
Aisha Dee : $100
David Kaufman : $30
David Kaufman : $35
Michael Hepburn : $50
Abhi Sinha : $70
Lisa Picotte : $35
Genevieve Olin : $35
Cameron Sanders : $100
Aaron Sanders : $100
Cassidy Hudson : $25
Jason McCann : $50
Keep up the great work! We are proud of you! Matthew, Kennedy, Jake, Cari and Jason McCann
Richard Brancatisano : $100
See you on Saturday :)
Genevieve Angelson
Claire gives me strength ??????
Suzanne Cartier Bowker : $25
Good work Grace. Giving back is beautiful.
Karen Rymar : $25
Thanks for your efforts, Grace! xoxo
Karan Soni : $100
August Emerson
Victoria Bousis : $100
Congrats Haley!!!!!
Mary Griffith : $100
Go, Haley, go!!! xoxo MPK
Shiloh Fernandez : $25
So incredible, Haley!
William Ramm : $100
Good luck, Bugg. Raise a million. Love, Boppa
Terri Taylor : $100
Joe Lazarov : $50
Lisa Williams : $100
Cindy Donald : $50
Thanks for all you do. Cindy
Suzanne Wisse : $50
Proud to support Grace’s team again this year! Thanks for your continued commitment to this charity. Go Team Grace!
Kara Ready : $20
Chelsea Bo
Connor Chestnut : $25
Lorenzo de la Loza : $50
Zelda Williams : $150
Anonymous : $100
Italia Ricci
Brandon Mastrippolito
Benjamin Hayes : $10
Patrick Smith : $200
Congrats on all the great work you're doing, Haley!
Nahid Jaffee
Thank you Grace for making it easy for us to contribute to such an important cause.
David Kaufman : $50
Grace Kaufman : $100
Kathleen Hewitt
Hope you make your goals, I love the passion you have for this disease but most of all for me is the love you have for your momma.???
Anne Loppert : $10