Nika’s No Excuses Walkers

Thank you for visiting our Autoimmune Walk TEAM page!  Here you can see who is on the team and how much we have raised so far. You can even add your donation to the total or join us as a team member.

We are excited to be supporting AARDA through the Autoimmune Walk, because more than 50 million Americans are impacted by autoimmune disease and something must be done. We have linked together to make an impact, raise awareness and raise much-needed funds... Because when we link together, we are stronger. When we link together, a cure is closer.

Please register to walk with our team OR make a pledge to one of our teammates and help us reach our goal!

Funds raised: $3,470 of $4,000
90 percent raised



Thank you donors
Christine Coyne : $30
Alexander Kenyon : $100
Alex Bacon : $50
Wish I could make it today!
Jay Alpert : $100
Alexandra Reed : $50
Go Nika!!!
Josh Einiger : $75
Ashley LoFaso : $50
Mike Bencivenga : $50
Nika! Jen and I are so happy to support the walk. If it wasn't for my damned sore foot I'd be marching with you. Thanks for being an activist for this cause. We love you!
Disney Matching Gift : $50
Donna Hayes : $50
Nika ! Best of luck... you are such an inspiration!
Chad Matthews
Jacquelyn Drayton : $100
We are always with you Nika!
Norman Garcia : $100
Kristin Thorne : $50
Keep rockin’ it girl!!
Josh Hartmann : $50
Jenna Lee Russo : $50
Jared Barnett : $100
Bryan Lenocker
Fred Chieco are the inspiration for all!
NJ Burkett
Love you, Nika!
James Dolan : $100
Kemberly Richardson : $150
Gloria Beamon : $50
Patrick Becker : $50
Helen Lopez
Nika - you are amazing! Thank you for all that you do!
lucy dzina : $100
I am so honored to support sweet Nika! You can do this, Nika
Lila Corn Rosenweig : $90
Ashley LoFaso : $0
David Mulewski : $30
MTamanika Beamon : $20
bill ritter : $100
go Nika!!!
Russ Levinton : $50
Alexis Keim : $0
Anonymous : $50
Esperanza Martinez : $100
You continue to be one of my heroes. Candy
Rachel Charlesworth : $200
Nika all I have to do is see you and you make me smile. Thank you for giving us the chance to help. Xo Michelle, Steve & our crazy children
Go for it, Nika!!
Dorian Graham : $155
Good luck Nika!!!
Sandra Cobb : $10
Thank you, Nika, for all you do on behalf of AARDA and the autoimmune community!
Tara Johnson
Go Nika!!
Newton Burkett : $100
Nika Beamon : $25